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Let's welcome another Monday with a few interesting things we found last week just for you.

When Expertise Kills Innovation:

Experts only know the way that got them there. They want to give answers, but innovation requires new questions. These new questions can only be asked by shifting ones perspective, a job outsiders are perfectly positioned for. Outsiders are the ones who change the game because they’re not blinded by expertise; they approach the situation.

Welcome to another Monday Morning Meeting!  It has been a few Mondays since our last visit together, but we're back at it with a collection of a few things we thought you might find as interesting as we have.

Seth suggests all proposals include a pre-mortem:

If you want us to take your new proposal seriously, consider including a pre-mortem. Include a detailed analysis of why your project might fail. Specific weak spots, individuals who need to come on board, assumptions that might not be true… If you've got a track record of successfully predicting specific points of failure before they happen, we're a lot more likely to trust your judgment next time.