At Filament, our methods are content "agnostic" and work across a wide variety of businesses and industries.  We ask the right questions and make certain the smart people in the room (your attendees) are set up for success. We've designed and facilitated meetings, conferences, strategy retreats and off-sites for senior personnel in multi-national corporations, law firms, banks, hospitals and health care systems, technology companies, non profits and startups. 

Just a few of the things we've done at Filament:

  • Helped a medical services company chart their strategic path from $1B to $2B in revenues.
  • Designed and facilitated a two-day retreat for neurologists, technologists and healthcare executives to map out the future of virtual care.
  • Worked with a leading CPG business to align multi-disciplinary teams around a new e-commerce initiative.
  • Built a multi-day creative "business academy" for a large law firm's hi-potential associates to understand how the firm works, how to price more effectively and how to build new services during a hack-a-thon.
  • Hosted a conference for 100 attendees designed to uncover opportunities for collaboration and partnership in the non profit community.
  • Created a unique executive-level retreat for a national financial services institution to rethink their executive recruiting strategy.


"One employee stated at the end of day two, ‘coming in here I didn’t believe we could pull this project off; now I have no doubt that we can succeed.' "Read More

"We emerged aligned, with a clear strategic goal and discrete action items for all involved.  It was a tremendous use of our time and resources. We are recommending Filament to others in our organization who need to solve thorny challenges quickly in a unique, fun and collaborative way." - Read More

"Filament transcends meetings. Anyone planning a pow-wow about transforming their organization needs to start by transforming the meeting itself, and here is where you do it." - Read More

"I was blown away by the intentionality on creative approaches to a meeting, using time, and allocating the right energy to conversations that often get swept to the side in day-to-day business. For an organization to invest such care, willingness to partner, and flat out commitment to innovative approaches to common organizational problems was simply amazing." - Read More