Design Services


At Filament, we know that pictures work better -- especially when they are designed to clearly communicate the right message to the proper audience in the appropriate way.

After your meeting at Filament, we can create visual tools, sketch videos, maps and games that help you bring the work you did in person back to the office to drive group understanding of high-level strategies, improve comprehension of complicated concepts and increase compliance with mission-critical processes. 

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Share THE Vision

Too often leaders believe that a handful of meetings, a few memos and a couple of bullet-point laden PowerPoint slides are all it takes to effectively communicate their "vision" to everyone in their organization.

Filament's Vision Maps help everyone see the "big picture," and understand not only all the puzzle pieces of the organization, but how they all fit together.



While a well-articulated vision helps people see the destination, it takes a clearly communicate strategy so they understand the path to get there.  All too often, people are so focused on the minutiae of their day-to-day tasks that they are unable to understand how their work supports the business' goals.


If you need to go from Point A to Point B, there is a reason you would rather look at a map than read a multi-page Word doc:  it is because the map's visual cues help you understand not just where you're going, but what you're likely to encounter along the way.

We work with our clients to translate their big-picture vision into easy-to-comprehend, strategic steps that their organizations will readily understand and remember