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When winning “the race to be first to be second,” is no longer a viable business strategy, you’ll need a partner to help your lawyers see beyond precedent and the status quo to prepare for the next decade. Filament can help you:

  • Reimagine your firm’s future with actionable innovation that positively impact your lawyers and clients. 

  • Rethink how your firm can deliver remarkable client service in a hyper-competitive legal marketplace.

  • Revisit your business model by moving beyond the billable hour and basic “alternative fees” towards true win-win partnerships with clients and lawyers. 

  • Recharge your firm’s culture by creating impactful talent strategies that increase diversity and inclusion while bridging generational differences.

  • Reengage your lawyers by helping them think like entrepreneurs and innovators instead of employees.



A Filament Retreat combines creative facilitation, focused problem-solving, design thinking, and proven exercises that transform lawyers from audience members to active participants working together to solve the challenges that matter most to future-focused firms.


 We believe the smartest people in the room are the attendees, not the speakers. That’s why we leverage the “wisdom of the crowd” to identify creative solutions, ensure networking happens all day, and keep everyone engaged without resorting to “death by PowerPoint.”


Filament offers multiple pricing options where the amount you’ll pay is tied to the success of your retreat — including offering a “blank invoice” to firms who’d like to decide how much to pay us once the retreat is done.


Our firm retreats are led by Filament founder (and recovering lawyer) Matt Homann has been active in the legal innovation community and facilitating unique law firm retreats for more than two decades. His legal accomplishments and awards include:

  • A legal blogging pioneer, wrote the first legal blog focused on innovation, creativity, client service, and alternative fees called the [non]billable hour. 
  • Selected by the ABA Journal as one of their first 100 “Legal Rebels.”
  • Named to the Fastcase 50 — a collection of “the smartest, most courageous innovators, techies, visionaries, and leaders in the law.”
  • Inducted into the College of Law Practice Mangement.
  • Delivered CLE’s in over 20 states.


Every Filament Retreat includes a designer and sketch-artist to capture conversations, illustrate insights, and help visualize key messages and strategic imperatives before, during, and after your event.

    “Filament has become an indispensable innovation partner to our firm. We turn to them to help us think differently (and better) about our clients and our business.”

    Katie DeBord, Chief Innovation Officer

    Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner


    • Armstrong Teasdale 
    • Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner
    • Cozen O’Connor
    • Davis Wright Tremaine
    • Dunlap Codding
    • Gable Gotwals
    • McLennan Ross
    • Sandberg, Phoenix
    • Shook, Hardy & Bacon
    • Smith Gambrell & Russell
    • Valorem Law
    • Wilson Elser


    Rethinking your retreat begins with these seven rules:

    1.  When planning a retreat, the most important voice at the table belongs to your best clients. Ask them how your firm needs to improve and invite them if you dare.

    2.  At a good retreat, your firm's leadership should spend as much time listening as they do talking. At a great retreat, that ratio is closer to 3:1.

    3.  If you don’t make time for your people to improve your firm during the retreat, they’re less likely to improve it after the retreat is over.

    4.  The first things your attendees should learn are one another’s names. Attendees won’t care what their colleagues do until they know who they are.

    5. If the retreat is the only time your people talk about innovation, it will be the only time they think about innovation. Same goes for client service.

    6.  Your staff knows more about how to serve your clients well than your associates do. Bring them along, value their opinions and act on their suggestions. You’ll find that the cost of their attendance is far lower than the cost of their absence.

    7.  The two questions every attendee should be able to answer after your retreat are: “Why should I be better?” and “What will I do better?”


    Whenever you need to get your lawyers and staff focused on solving your challenges in unique and engaging ways, Filament can help. Here are some additional events and meetings we can deliver to firms like yours:

    • Client Service Summits and Collaboration Events
    • Associate Business Academies
    • Design Thinking Workshops
    • Firm Hackathons
    • Business Development Best-Practice Sessions