Our Manifesto

At Filament, we are changing every meeting.

We believe meetings are the connective tissue of modern business: they are how (and where, and why) we interact with our peers, solve thorny problems, think creatively and get stuff done.

When organizations have terrible meetings, their work suffers, business slows and morale weakens. 

Because we believe everyone deserves freaking great meetings, here are our eight promises to you:

1. To Inspire:  We will do different things better, and inspire others to bring that "different" from Filament into their work and their home. Your time at Filament will be the most inspirational and interesting thing you've done in a long time.


2. To Connect:  We will connect people with one another and with their own creativity.  The people you connect with at our events will be the most interesting people you'll meet all month, and they'll be different from the people you'll meet anywhere else.

3. To Include:  We value people for who they are and the perspectives they bring. We believe meetings are best when we leverage our differences to create common good.  We are building a safe space for diversity, not divisiveness

4. To Teach:  Filament is the place for you to learn things you can't learn elsewhere.  Our curriculum will be at once creative and crucial.  We will deliver important things you crave to know in a format you've never experienced.

5. To Build:  We will build stuff all the time. We will constantly create, write, draw, facilitate, design and practice.  Our creative output is what makes Filament the best place to meet because our tools, games, pictures, agendas and methodologies look better, feel better and -- above all -- work better.

6. To Simplify:  We know your time and attention are at once both valuable and expensive. We will build things simply, and we will refuse to take more of your time than necessary -- even when you are willing to give it.  Above all, we will make using Filament as easy as possible.

7. To Give:  We will give away the things we uncover, never choosing commerce over collaboration.  By sharing our best work, we become curators of a community of amazing practitioners who will, in turn, give their best work back.   The money will flow from our giving, but never guide it.  

8. To Belong:  We will become a great citizen of our city, becoming an indispensable place for the people who care to do work that matters.  We will make it unbelievably easy for non-profits and change-makers to use Filament as a tool to make the city better.