Matthew Homann

Founder & CEO


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Matt has suffered from "Idea Surplus Disorder" as long as he can remember.  He has a natural knack for creating methods that help really smart people think, meet and learn together better.

An accomplished keynote speaker and creative facilitator, Matt has worked with legal, accounting, financial services and healthcare professionals around the world, as well as with executives from companies like McDonald's, HP, IBM, British Petroleum, Nokia, DuPont and the US Military. 

Matt is most comfortable when he's coaxing large groups of people to do uncomfortable things -- whether using improv to get them to better understand customer challenges, drawing so they see the big picture, or even dancing the tango so they can learn what meaningful collaboration feels like.  He's designed meetings and conferences for Microsoft, Wells Fargo, the National Creativity Network and Creative Alberta.

A "recovering" lawyer (please don't hold that against him), Matt lives in St. Louis' Central West End with his wife, Jessica and daughter, Grace.