We love the work we do, and are lucky enough many of our clients agree. Here are some of the testimonials we've received. We hope to get one from you someday, too.

Fantastic facilitation!  I was originally skeptical that a non-structured (no agenda) meeting would be successful. But the agenda was established by listening to one another's concerns and finding so many common grounds. You skillfully led us to those common grounds and remained a cohesive cheerleader, and moved us along far exceeding our own expectations.

Surprisingly entertaining!

I must admit I had thought this would be one of those boring seminars, and I have walked away feeling I've made steps in the right direction with two large pieces of my job. Therefore, I feel completely enlightened.

Filament helped us develop the curriculum for a two day business academy session involving 120 associates from all over the world. We weren't amateurs at that; we had done such academies before. But Filament helped us kick the session into another dimension of creativity. They helped plan sessions and injected all kinds of new ideas about how to energize our attendees. They also led some creativity-building sessions, in which our lawyers tried new approaches to problem solving using real world scenarios. They were incredibly successful and popular sessions. We've since engaged Filament on an ongoing basis to help us raise the bar even further.  

If you are interested in fostering creativity in your teams and preparing them to innovate in today's environment, I can think of no better place to start than with Filament.

No matter the size or make-up of the group, Filament deftly and creatively keeps the discussion on task, while fostering an environment that everyone enjoys. It is in this unique experience that attendees are able to engage with each other and collaborate toward a shared goal. Filament is great to work with, they listen to your needs, and work to deliver your desired outcomes.

Filament's facilitators have an innate ability to read a room on walking in and walk out the other side with the room completely aligned and moving toward a common and inspiring goal. Their ability to manage heated discussions to agreement using relevant business knowledge and honed facilitation techniques is something I have not experienced with any other consultant, so I continue to introduce my clients to them.

Great ideas for improvement, mostly generated by us -- a success!

It was better than I expected.

Most successful workshop I have ever been to (in 40 years)!

Thank you for hosting and facilitating our board retreat. Your innovative and fun way of bringing it all together made for a wonderful experience for all involved! We felt a great sense of cohesiveness and accomplishment after leaving. We appreciate your unique services and will be spreading the word about Filament!