No matter what challenge you're trying to solve, Filament can help. You can buy our meetings "off the shelf" or we can design a custom event built to achieve specific outcomes just for you.


CONNECT: Work Better Together

Some might call this networking, but at Filament it's so much more. We'll help your group build meaningful connections with one another so you'll collaborate better and get things done.

Overview:  Attendees will learn to think better together as they connect with one another and with the purpose of the organization. They'll also leave with ideas, tools and exercises they can use when they're back to work.

Outcome: A better working team.

Time:  Two Hours to Two Days. 

People: 10 - 200

Quote:  I enjoyed the process and found it very helpful. I was able to meet more people and have more meaningful conversations than in a "traditional" setting. I was able to learn more and hear a more diverse array of information, ideas and experiences.


CREATE: Design Something Awesome

How might you leverage your organization's collective wisdom and creativity to find the next business-changing idea?

Overview:  Moving beyond mere brainstorming, your group will learn Filament's "EIEIO"  methodology and pair rapid prototyping with visual thinking to create a new strategy, process, product or service.

Outcome: Something new, designed together.

Time:  Two Days. 

People: 5 - 50

Quote:  This was the most successful workshop I have ever been to (in 40 years).


DECIDE: Align, Agree & Assign

Wouldn't it be great if everyone involved with your next big project was on the same page, understood both the "why" and the "how" and knew their role and responsibilities before the work begins? 

Overview:  Our facilitators and artists will help your team visualize the ideal outcome of your project, decide between alternative courses of action, delegate roles and responsibilities and assign deadlines so you're positioned for success.

Outcome: A visual project plan to get everyone "seeing" the future and the part they'll play in success.

Time:  Two Half-Days

People: 10 - 25  

Quote:  Anytime staff is this engaged in a process, success is a given! Good job!!


DEBRIEF: Learn From the Past, Prepare for the Future

Nobody said failure is fun, but taking time to learn from the past, free from blame, is a hallmark of effective organizations. 

Overview:  We'll help your team approach failure as an opportunity, identifying the good, the bad and the ugly with our "lessons leaned" methodology. We will also focus on the organizational policies and behaviors you'll need to "unlearn" so you can succeed in the future.

Outcome: A day of learning from past mistakes, vs. repeating them.

Time:  One Day

People: 5 - 100

Quote:  I was dreading attending this, but it actually turned out to be helpful and productive.


Not seeing what you're looking for here?  Contact us to see how we might help you and your team think, meet & learn together better.