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We all suffer from a profound case of “Idea Surplus Disorder” at Filament — and we think that’s a good thing. Here are some of those ideas we’d like to share with you.



Monday Morning Meeting #16


Welcome to another Monday!  Here are the cool and interesting things we found this week.

Who doesn't love free stuff? has free stock images, videos, fonts and sounds.  Pretty cool!

In case you wondered why nobody is taking your well-meaning advice:  Why we dismiss negative feedback.

Looking for things to improve in your business?  Identify things people still do with spreadsheets and make them better.

Is your business' roadmap (the things you're going to be building, implementing or improving soon) public?  Maybe it should be. Here's how Buffer does it.

Curious where Ideas Come From?  Here's a short film about the mysteries of inspiration featuring thoughts on the subject by David Lynch Robert Krulwich Chuck Close Tracy Clayton & Heben Nigatu Ray Barbee Lulu Miller Susan Orlean and a couple of kids named Mason and Ursula.


Six reasons why you should hold multi-day events.

Here's a never-ending list of design-thinking reads.

And finally, some sage advice from Jeff Bezos:  Always make it Day One:

In a recent letter to his Amazon shareholders, CEO Jeff Bezos gives a lay of the proverbial “Day 1” landscape, while warning against the stasis of “Day 2.”

He says that a company can never stop being a start-up and believes that company leadership need always think like they did on the first day. “Day 2 is stasis. Followed by irrelevance. Followed by excruciating, painful decline. Followed by death. And that is why it is always Day 1.”

The letter is a powerful reminder of the importance of staying focused on your clients. For instance, marketing of a company is never about the company’s products or services per se, it is always about how those products and services fill the wants and needs of the ultimate customer.

Have a great week. See you soon!