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We all suffer from a profound case of “Idea Surplus Disorder” at Filament — and we think that’s a good thing. Here are some of those ideas we’d like to share with you.



Monday Morning Meeting #20

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Welcome back to another Monday Morning Meeting.  We've missed you!

Here's an interesting way to combine design thinking and creative problem-solving.

A simple reminder for those of us with "shiny-shiny" syndrome:  Tools Come Last

Creativity is not a switch.

What the internet's largest sites looked like ten years ago.

Looking for a better icebreaker?  Try cereal:

“A question I asked my team a few months ago really caught me off guard,” Nash shared with me.  “I thought it was honestly kind of a silly question — something I’d never answer myself, personally. But I thought, ‘Oh what the heck, let’s ask it and see what happens.’”

The question was:

“What’s your favorite breakfast cereal?”

She asked this question to her staff, expecting nothing much to come of it. The opposite happened. Almost every single person on her staff responded — enthusiastically, humorously. It got the whole office talking, laughing, joking with one another. Nash took notice. 

Relationships are important:

1. The greatest output of your careers will be relationships. When you and I are sitting on a porch in rocking chairs some 50 years from now, I’ll care less about what we produced and much more about how we got there together. Was I a jerk to work with? Did I try my best to understand your viewpoint? Did we bring people along with us in our thinking? Did we mentor others along the way?

Want a better way to explain why unnecessary complication and bureaucracy are bad for organizations?  Try talking about a terrible restaurant:

There is a lock on the refrigerator because company policy says it should be locked at all times. You can go to the website and open a ticket to get it unlocked – with management approval, of course. The managers have already gone home to pick up their kids.

Finally, we'll be announcing our first Filament Sale on Wednesday. Stay tuned!