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We all suffer from a profound case of “Idea Surplus Disorder” at Filament — and we think that’s a good thing. Here are some of those ideas we’d like to share with you.



Monday Morning Meeting #32


Happy, happy Monday! Want to see some of the cool things we noticed this week? Keep reading!

We draw (a lot) here at Filament -- because we think it helps our clients think big and generate lots of new ideas.  We also love comics!  That's why we're sharing this link first:  Comic Book Artists That Fueled a Century of Innovation.

Such a great question to ask your team at the end of every day: "What was the best thing you did today?"

Perhaps it is time to embrace some JOMO

JOMO, is not a misspelling of “mojo” but, rather, stands for “joy of missing out.” The antithesis of FOMO (fear of missing out), JOMO is about disconnecting, opting out and being O.K. just where you are.

Working in a small business? Check out this great interactive guide to working with clients.

Do you read a lot, but remember little? Perhaps you should rethink how you read.

Get your architect on the phone because Open Offices Don't Work. Here’s a summary of what they found:

[T]he 52 participants studied spent 72% less time interacting face-to-face after the shift to an open office layout... At the same time, the shift to an open office significantly increased digital communication. After the redesign, participants sent 56% more emails (and were cc’d 41% more times), and the number of IM messages sent increased by 67%.

Mindfulness matters to creative teams:


[T]o foster a culture of innovation, leaders need to give greater attention to their employees’ mindsets and consider championing mindfulness practices throughout their organizations. By cultivating milieus where employees are encouraged to be creative, they’re able to move past a mere focus on organizational efficiencies and to develop ways of working and thinking that haven’t been seen before.

Finally, forget sports cars, maybe creativity is the answer to the new midlife crisis.