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We all suffer from a profound case of “Idea Surplus Disorder” at Filament — and we think that’s a good thing. Here are some of those ideas we’d like to share with you.



Monday Morning Meeting #34


Let's welcome another Monday with a few interesting things we found last week just for you.

When Expertise Kills Innovation:

Experts only know the way that got them there. They want to give answers, but innovation requires new questions. These new questions can only be asked by shifting ones perspective, a job outsiders are perfectly positioned for. Outsiders are the ones who change the game because they’re not blinded by expertise; they approach the situation. Companies, just like people, exploit their competence up to the point where it makes them irrelevant. Behind expertise is the need for certainty, but your need for certainty kills innovation.

I really love the idea of Weeknotes. It would be a great way to capture all the lessons learned on a project or a team in near real-time, and I've been thinking of a way we might incorporate it into our work.

Maybe we need more walls and fewer screens:

Digital things look ‘finished’ too soon. when something is a work in progress on a wall, it looks unfinished, so you keep working on it. moving things around, reshaping things, connecting things, erasing things, and making them again. Walls make it easier to iterate. Iteration, in my opinion, is massively correlated with quality.

There is something about a group of people standing in front of a wall full of sketches, or index cards or post-it notes. Its a different kind of collaboration than you get around a table, or in a digital tool. You’re usually standing up, so you’re paying attention, you’re focused

For team productivity, ease into your to-do lists.

Ultimately, the workers who completed the mundane tasks first were happier, felt more motivated, and got more done than the group that just tackled their to-do lists without “easing into it.”

We really need some of these Mechanical GIFs at Filament!


And finally, a great reminder to everyone from Albert Einstein:

“Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution.”
– Albert Einstein