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Monday Morning Meeting #30

Welcome to Monday!  Check out this week's collection of interesting ideas and cool things we've found for you.

You can be a jerk at work, but it sucks for you as much as it does for your coworkers:

The problem with the jerk path is not that it isn’t more effective, it’s that you have to spend your days being a jerk.

We "work in analog" at Filament a lot, so I'm enjoying this card-based note-taking method.

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Monday Morning Meeting #28

Happy Monday!  Welcome to your favorite meeting of the week.  Here are a few things we found this week you might like:

What if you brought some Grand Canyon Focus to your next task?

Imagine you’re standing at the edge of a cliff, where you really need to concentrate in order not to fall into the abyss. Imagine the intensity of that, the forced focus, the complete and utter devotion to being present.

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