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The Ten Rules of Networking

We don't really do "networking" here at Filament in the traditional way. Because we believe people connect better when they're thinking together vs. (just) drinking together, we work hard to build collaboration and small-group discussion into everything we do.  Nevertheless, if you're heading out to a networking reception anytime soon, here are a few tips to take along with you:

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Monday Morning Meeting #7

Welcome to another Monday Morning Meeting! We're glad you made it.

The Idea:

Looking for a simple framework to help you prioritize ideas in a group strategy session?  Try:  Easy, Hard or Expensive.

Easy ideas are simple and cheap, won't meet much resistance in your organization and don't require lots of approvals, meetings or arm-twistings to implement.

Hard ideas can seem simple or be cheap (in theory) but will also take lots of time, effort or organizational "heavy lifting" to get off the ground despite their relative lack of cost.

Expensive ideas can be either simple or hard but have the added baggage of being costly to pursue and implement.

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