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Thinking in Experiments: Use If/Then (Maybe) To Try New Things

Our customers design “experiments” in nearly every meeting we facilitate at Filament: simple, easy, fast, and cheap things that might help their organization learn something, try something, or build something.*

Experiments are smaller than “pilots” and certainly not as large as “projects” or “initiatives.” They’re just big enough to provide a modicum of proof and direction that might help a team decide what to do next.

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Put Your Ideas in Quarantine

My name is Matt, and I’ve got Idea Surplus Disorder a.k.a. “Shiny Shiny Syndrome” real bad.

You’ll know you have it too when you regularly give in to an overwhelming urge to start working on something new (and amazing) instead of wrapping up your current projects.

And Idea Surplus Disorder isn’t only an individual affliction — organizations can suffer from it, too!

Though “ISD” isn’t (usually) fatal, the cumulative results of pursuing new ideas at the expense of finishing others can have debilitating impacts on your business and your team.

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I said a hip hop ...

We get lots of requests for the “Filamental Thinking” posters we have around Filament, but the one that gets the most is this one from Sugarhill Gang. If you’d like to print one for yourself, you can download your own version here.

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