Questions from Attendees

When people come to events at Filament, they don't always know what to expect.  Our space and methods are strikingly different from their usual expectations and experiences.  Here are several questions we frequently get from attendees.  We hope this helps!

What is Filament?

At Filament, we mix a cool meeting space with creative facilitation methods to help your group think, meet and learn together better. By leveraging your team's collective wisdom, we deliver a collaborative experience that is refreshingly effective, inclusive, participatory, fast-paced and fun. 

What should I bring?

Filament meetings are all about working together to solve challenges and plan for the future.  Bring a notebook and a pen (though we'll have some if you forget yours) and that's it. You'll not need your laptop since everything we do in our sessions is uniquely "analog" and doesn't require technology to participate.

Is there an agenda? 

Sort of. Because all of our time together is spent collaborating and solving challenges (no boring PowerPoint, we promise!) we'll be focused on a series of themes customized to your group's desired outcomes.  When you arrive, we'll set out the framework for our time together, but we reserve the right to deviate from it a bit when we're getting real work done -- though we promise there will be plenty of breaks.  Most of the time, our meetings begin around 9:30 am and end before 5:00 pm with lunch in the middle.

What should I wear?

We'll be rolling up our sleeves and working together in creative ways, so wear what makes you feel most comfortable.  Jeans and tennis shoes are fine, but if you think best in a business suit that's OK too.