Strategy as a Service

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STRATEGy as a service

Developing the right strategy is hard.  Executing on that strategy is even harder.  Let Filament help you with both for a simple, monthly fee.

Phase One:  Future-Focused Strategy Summit

A two day strategic thinking summit for your entire team (up to 75 attendees) that utilizes Filament's Four P's methodology and moves your organization from merely thinking about the future to planning it.  Learn more & check out a sample agenda here.  The Summit includes:

  • a half-day planning "sketch session" with your leadership and key stakeholders
  • focused pre-work , including a secure attendee portal for pre-reads, targeted videos, and suggested books
  • a two day summit at Filament (or your location if you're not in St. Louis) for your team to develop your organization's Purpose, Principles, Priorities & Path.
  • a half-day post-summit debrief and planning session with your leadership
  • development of Filament's visual tools to help communicate the strategy and new ways of working to the team and your customers
  • three quarterly "tune-up" sessions for your team to address new developments, refine the strategy, take deep dives into each quarter's key work, and focus on continued execution
  • the rest of the Filament amenities.

Phase Two: