Strategy Sale

FILAMENT'S Strategy sale!

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Building a sound strategy for your business has never been more important -- and may never be less expensive. 

If you take advantage of Filament's Strategy Sale, we'll not only take 20% off our normal price, but if you pay in 2018, we'll throw in a one-page Strategy Sketch Map for free (a $2,500 value)!


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Define Your Principles

You'll identify your organization's "why" and create an "Operating System" so you'll work together better and bring innovative thinking into your business every day.

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Set Your Priorities

Once we've figured out your "why," we'll identify key outcomes for the next year and agree upon measures so everyone will know what success looks like.

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Build Your Path

We'll close by capturing "big picture" next steps and make certain everyone in the room understands who's responsible for what and when.




  • MEETING DESIGN: We'll work with your key stakeholders to understand your organizations' most pressing challenges and greatest opportunities and then build the agenda to get the most from your group.

  • EXERCISES & ACTIVITIES:  We will design and customize collaborative and unique exercises to achieve your goals. 

  • FACILITATION:  A Filament Senior Consultant will serve as lead facilitator, instigator & emcee throughout your engagement.

  • VISUAL CAPTURE:  Our illustrator will capture key insights and ideas during your meeting and will prepare a visual summary of your meeting once its done

  • STRATEGY SKETCH:  Filament will prepare a visual representation (in a hand drawn, sketch style) of the strategy developed that the team can use to socialize the ideas and insights discovered. 


  • EXCLUSIVE USE OF FILAMENT: Your team will have exclusive use of our 10,000 square foot innovation space during the event.

  • FOOD & BEVERAGE:  We'll provide lunch for your attendees, as well as snacks, coffee, soda, water & other beverages throughout the day.

  • AV:  Though Filament's Strategy Ssssions are uniquely analog, we'll provide amenities such as wi-fi access, A/V technology as needed.

  • PARKING:  Filament will provide parking for your attendees within two blocks of Filament.

  • EVENT COORDINATION & SUPPORT:  Filament will help you communicate with attendees before your meeting and our on-site event coordinator will provide event support during your event.




EXTRA SMALL (5-10 attendees)

SMALL (10-15 attendees)

MEDIUM (16-30 attendees)

LARGE (31-50 attendees)  

EXTRA LARGE (51-100 attendees)

$ 2,500 + 125/person

$4,000 + 125/person

$7,500 + 125/person

$10,000 +125/person

$15,000 + 125/person